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Facility at Sea Employs Sustainability and Biomimicry
Clamshell design opens to the elements

by Heather Livingston
Contributing Editor

Summary: While pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Texas, Arlington, Jason Mellard, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, designed an aquatic research and housing facility to be located 50–100 miles offshore. Citing the Star Wars films, Santiago Calatrava, and offshore oil platforms as inspiration, Mellard’s structure was intended to be a prototype for studying marine and avian life out at sea.

The project was developed in a studio that explored in depth the George Lucas film Star Wars. Looking at that movie and evaluating its structural designs, the students were tasked with creating a structure that was fantasy in its ability to be constructed at that moment in time, but still grounded in sound design principles. “We analyzed the images from Star Wars and the different iterations based on that,” explains Mellard. “Santiago Calatrava does a lot of kinetic projects that transform from one shape to another and has [elements] like wings that go up, but 50 years ago, you wouldn’t have thought it was possible. I wanted to have it based where conceivably, with enough money and ingenuity, it’s something that could happen but also be far enough out there that it was interesting.”


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