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суббота, 8 декабря 2007 г.

Peter Gabriel edem

Hello juri,

You may have seen that there is a competition run by the National Lottery, the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s £50 million Contest, which will be decided by a public vote in the UK. Tim Smit, the Founder of the Eden Project, who we have enjoyed working with a lot on the Africa Calling Live 8 event, asked me to get involved with some brainstorming on the 'Edge', which is what he has called his project. I think they have a lot of cool ideas and some interesting people attached, and it strikes me as the boldest and most far reaching of all the four candidates involved.

Without wishing to prejudice the voting, I would ask that anyone interested check out all four propositions and vote for their favourite to make sure the voting is representative.

Thank you very much.
Peter Gabriel.

View the projects at: www.thepeoples50million.org.uk
How to vote: on-line or by phone

View this newsletter in your web browser: Web Version
Visit www.petergabriel.com
What is The Edge?

The Edge is the next evolution of Eden. A visionary new building to meet the challenge of climate change. The Edge is one of four finalists competing for the biggest prize in TV history, the Big Lottery Fund's 'The People's 50 Million Contest', currently being decided by a public vote.

The Edge will be a landmark new building at the Eden Project. Its scale and ambition will make the Edge an international icon of sustainability, showing mankind is capable of amazing things.

The building will be a model of cutting-edge architecture and technology, harvesting water and energy from the sun, wind, and rain to show how we all might live in the future.

The Edge will be a testament to one-planet living, built to the lowest possible carbon footprint and designed to last.

Inside there will be desert, oasis and water gardens on a scale never attempted. Underneath, a series of interlocking underground chambers will provide spaces for some of the great voices of the age artists, writers, scientists and musicians - to work with communities and families and share the best ideas they have for improving their lives and environments, now and in the future.

But there will be more to the Edge than amazing architecture and technology.

"I believe that if we get it right, the Edge could be one of the most important buildings ever built. Not because of its structural form, but because of its ambition to create a setting for asking big questions of interest to all of us: What makes humans content? What lessons from the past can inform the future? And what might great look like? The answers to most of them lie not in the realm of technology, but in the building of healthy, safe and inspired communities drawn together by a narrative for the future they can believe in. In truth it is the theatre for the development of this story that we are wanting to build."
Tim Smit, CEO, Eden Project

More on The Edge at: http://www.theedge.org

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