Пространственные и сетчатые конструкции, Вернадский, Шухов, Ладовский, Крутиков, Мельников, Савельев, Мухин, Шевнин, Shevnin, геномная архитектура

понедельник, 7 января 2008 г.

Российские ресурсы в зарубежном секторе Интернета от института Вавилова.
Slava Gerovitch's homepage

WWW Virtual Guide to the History of Russian and Soviet Science and Technology by Slava Gerovich
Includes Archives, Bibliography, Institutions, Journals, People, News, Courses, Societies, Russian Studies, Science Studies sections. A big and comprehensive guide!
Russian and East European Center at the University of Illinois

On-line Marxist Glossary

Red Army Headquarters executed in 1937
page designed by Konstantin Tomilin
Sources for Slavic and East European books
In each entry, you will find the following information: Name of bookstore, Address, Telephone, FAX, E-mail, URL, Languages of subject matter (not languages the materials are published in) Types and subjects of materials: dictionaries, grammars, tex
Russian Painting Art Gallery on the Web
Russian Painting Art Gallery on the Web Professor Alexander Boguslawski and his students have created what is indeed a great Internet treasure, namely, a virtual museum of Russian Painting from the Medieval icon to the Russian Avant-garde.
Benjamin Sher's Russian Index

ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives of Russia"
ArcheoBiblioBase "Archives of Russia" website in Amsterdam A useful guide to the main Russian archives, addresses, phones, names and working hours
Russia mailing list of the H-Net

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