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понедельник, 7 января 2008 г.

In the 80 years between Russia and Germany had many plans for the

No exhibition of works have not been Shukhova V.G.
For what reason? The exhibition was bio designs, but beyond all
contacts were suspended. Thank you for your work and new ideas.
I try on the basis of knowledge of genetics to develop ideas Shukhova V.G.
He made many original designs folding mesh frames.
Invented a new spiral of manufacturing technology for analogue of the
structure of DNA.
There are currently looking for people working in the direction of the
evolution of ideas Shukhova V.G.
In Russia, their number is small.

I create an electronic archive of works V.G Shukhova and all knowledge
about the production mesh envelopes for affordable housing and
All projects related to the popularization of new technologies and
designs for the cost of housing and sustainable development of
If you are concerned about the evolution of new structures and the
transfer of knowledge to all humanity, I ask answer.
Thank you. Happy New Year.
Yuri Shevnin.

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