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вторник, 15 января 2008 г.

Senator Obama. DNA structure designs of future peace.

Dear Paul Teves.
I believe in the victory of Senator Obama, and to deal with credit problems at home.
I believe in new technology to ensure sustainable development of America. Instead weapon against life, the creation of conditions for the new technologies that are essential for life.
Human health depends on the conditions of their existence in wildlife.
If the structure of DNA will be used to build houses and cars, and this will be an additional means of treating patients, as well as alternative energy sources.
DNA structure designs of future peace.
I am very pleased to victory in the Iowa senator.
There were many young people who work in the field of new technologies.

In Russia, the power of inertia in the past retirees. I prepared puppetry in the streets of St. Petersburg with actor-children from the children's home.
President Roosevelt was PR plan for the new economy through mobile teams puppet theater. Hollywood is a big puppet theatre and the pablic art.
Authorities in America - the future of the world.
I wish happiness and prosperity to all who have supported Obama, especially for the children of our planet. Children are our future.
Thank you.
Yuri Shevnin.

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