Пространственные и сетчатые конструкции, Вернадский, Шухов, Ладовский, Крутиков, Мельников, Савельев, Мухин, Шевнин, Shevnin, геномная архитектура

воскресенье, 13 января 2008 г.

The step for sustainability. Biosphere.

Project provides the detailed
instruction for all, who will be capable to build the house in the field low prices
with maximum conservation the ambience and energy everywhere.
Novelty project- use local material available; the moss, fabrics 3D polyethylene,
sheets of the veneer, of the steel wire. Spiral technology DNA- minus
welding and minus drill, no waste. Portable frame - based like genes, 3-5 metres on
length ( the chromosomes X Y), knot- bolt (Nucleotide). The Production elements folding mesh
frames like analog Machine - ribosome living cell. For resident of the building,
have a mobile telephone and Internet. When flooding Biosphere - float. The Prices of the
Building in area available to save the alive nature, wood. Synthese the genetic and mechanics-
for engineers and architectors creation the fantastic variety architecture.
The Project tested the mini a project for people with genetic alteration.
Sustainability future - a structure DNA. I am a faith that introduction to
spiral technology will help to solve the problems house-building and creation in
stable civil society. Everyone will be able to build his home

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