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пятница, 25 января 2008 г.

Why do investors want to spend more?

As built temples and incredible beauty of the building without calculation, and without the traditional coordinate system?
Similarly constructed and gothic churches and other places of worship.
In any village houses built according to the principles of sound design.
Reform N. Lvov building from the ground. Prochno forgotten.
Gas Explosions and fires throughout Russia.
Fires not only in Russia. Around the world, people remain without shelter.
The forests are destroyed, growing megacities.
In Moscow, St. Petersburg, in any city more and more problems with transportation.
The war on the roads continues.
Construction cities - a mirror of politics and economics.
The subsoil and the land does not belong to the people of irreversible rising energy prices.
A. Einstein was saying that it is impossible to cover the Earth one big city.
A. Beliy in the novel -Petersburg.
Quite forgotten constructivism. Rich investors are willing by to build expensive architects aqua parks and houses.
Urbanization is the safety of the other way around. Any epidemic and the millions of lives turned into ashes.
For plants that is a good thing. Why panic in the housing market continues?
Why do we need a mortgage?
How does the protection of patents in Russia?
For comparison can be viewed at the website http://www.uspto.gov/ and http://www.fips.ru/
When gained in the USSR building and its use, we extract oil and gold.
This it waiting for Europe from Russia. Instead of using new energy-saving technology.
Built pyramid without foundation.
Monopolies with obsolete technologies are trying to keep all the same.
Kondratieff cycles will not allow this.
The state enacted a law to support only that the benefits a large capital.

If this will continue for another year pyramid global economy collapses.
All will fall under the wreckage.
Survive only to underground.
Companies IBM and Google has no traditional plants and offices.
The entire capital is concentrated in intellectual property.
Inventions- future asset of all advanced companies.
Why calculations and statistics when there are laws and principles of the evolution of living matter?
An increasing number of programs and statistics, and the world is falling apart.
Any computer is a combination of direct angles and rectangles.
To support this conception rectangular architecture computer requires more electricity or material for manufacturing.
In Japan, there are already systems with triangular mesh screen.
This helps simplify the process of computing curvilinear forms without any loss of clarity. Different geometry FRACTALS has a huge potential for a new computer architecture.
Map Earth- B. Fuller of the triangles was invented in 40 years.
All new ideas fashionable architects only development ideas Shukhov V.G..
F. Gery, N. Foster, F. Otto and others afterwards.
Architects do not the name of the Shukhov V.G.
Fuller did not- architector. Economy vice versa.
All new construction is a huge savings and new products and services.

Saving in the production of poor quality products, few people want to save spending on his house.
Natural resources have their bottoms.
The economy, too. We all live once.
We could not survive without the introduction of new technologies. The requisite fundamentally new technologies. Necessity based on the laws of nature and life.
Interestingly compare sites: http://www.armc.ru/ and http://www.sfera-grifona.com and http://www.forma.spb.ru/

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