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All begins in Spring 1941 when a 17 years old young man, called Jacques Félix, participates in a workshop with Géo Condé, famous painter and puppeteer. Interested by this art, Jacques Félix proposes to his friends, a few months later, to create a theatre and play for children in summer camps.

The troupe composed of eight companions is then interrupted during three years because of the war. In 1945 it becomes the « Compagnie des Petits Comédiens de Chiffons ». Then it produces several shows and participate in a few festivals.
In 1961"Les Petits Comédiens de Chiffons" welcome during three days the second national conference of the French puppeteers' union. It is the first French international festival.

A second festival takes place in 1967 during the UNIMA-France conference (French centre for International Puppet Union) but it is not much open to the public.

In 1972 the application of the "Petits Comédiens de Chiffons" to organize the 11th international UNIMA conference (International Puppet Union) is accepted. Jacques Félix and his friends from the "Petits Comédiens de Chiffons" took the opportunity to realize a festival on a large scale. The programme is ambitious for a town like Charleville-Mézières but has an enormous success, particularly thanks to the involvement of the inhabitants, who were 800 to propose free housing for puppeteers. It is the first festival where we can see puppeteers from the five continents : it becomes a worldwide festival.

At this period no one knows if other festivals will take place in Charleville…

As the success of the exceptional event of 1972 received an international recognition besides seducing the public and the local representatives, a new edition of the worldwide festival is organized in 1976.

In 1976 Jacques Felix becomes President of UNIMA-France. He wants to prove that the Charleville's Festival is the biggest and the more "internationalist". He wants to give a regular frequency to the festival around a philosophy which is still actual : the Festival is a "showcase for worldwide puppets" open to all publics. Admittedly it is a good way for artists to be known by professionals, but there is no prize to win, it is not a competition. The only awards come from the audience's congratulations.
And so the Festival became three-yearly. It grew in size over the 14 editions welcoming more and more artists and publics from all over the world. The last one took place in September 2006, it gathered 250 troupes from about 40 countries and more than 150 000 spectators.
For more than 40 years this event became established in the heart of Charleville-Mézières' and Ardennes inhabitants. It is mainly due to their devotion and their generosity that the festival continues to exist and has become the biggest cultural event of its kind.

« With Friendship and Willpower, the biggest Utopias become a reality...» Jacques Félix

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