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Tastes bad, but burns well

John D. Rockefeller once said that oil was almost as good as money, when describing the substance that had made him into the world's richest man. Others call oil black gold. In fact, during the pioneering days, this gold was so valuable that no effort was spared in transporting it in barrels and canisters.

And this was done in all weathers: when it was raining, the streets in the production sites were full of mud and oil. The first oil barrels were also an expensive commodity. They were made from oak, the same material that today is used to store the highly priced red wines from France's Bordeaux region while they mature. This was until a Russian inventor, who is practically unknown today, hit on the idea for the first oil pipeline: Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov (1853-1939).

Shukhov was not only a brilliant engineer, but a bold inventor too: he designed the first industrial facility for the thermal cracking of petroleum, devised the procedure still used today for conveying petroleum by pumping in air or water, and drafted a cylindrical oil tank, which proved to be a worldwide success in its day. In addition, Shukhov was also there when the first oil tanker with a capacity of 12,000 tonnes slid down the slipway - after all it was his drawing board that had produced the design for this monster.

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